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Considering Time

July 21, 2009

The clock


Like a

taunting warden

at a gate of


Like a

careful scientist


the depths of



is my straight jacket.


is my captor


Time protects me from:


Will I tumble into

a deep cavern

whose slippery handles

and scraping brick edges

my blistered knees know

quite well


Will the birds sing in harmony?

Will the sailor kiss the nurse firmly on the mouth

amongst a ticker tape parade?

Will the bricks release from my helium balloon

As I float into the sky?



May 17, 2009


You come



a swiss train

so unlike

the rickety rickshaw

you are.

You come

bearing roses,



You whisper

sweet nothings

empty promises

of tomorrow-

as I bleed.

You and I know

the unspoken truth

We both know:

I can’t leave.

so I run my hand

over this battered body

and I



Mother’s Day

May 10, 2009

One month ago today I lost my baby. It’s mother’s day. I am honoring the day by honoring the baby that for a brief moment let me dream that I would be a mother.  I wrote this poem a few days after he died and I share this poem here as a tribute my baby speck.

We meant to welcome you, a doctor catching your fall,

your head resting on my breast.

But- No one caught you, when you fell. No one held you close.

You left this world without a name, without a hug, without a kiss goodbye.

I’m sorry.

You will always be the companion I had

on long commutes

while i folded laundry

Your heart

beating next to mine

I miss the nausea, and naps; the acne that began to sprout

I miss

missing sushi

and coffee

I don’t want it now that you’re gone.

You were so little

Yet your absence is a scar

The size of Jupiter

I pray you never hurt

I pray you never knew pain

I pray you never felt alone-

you were not alone

when you left

you took a piece of me with you

with you it will always remain

You were loved.

You were my first.

I will never forget you.


My one day streak and poetry

April 29, 2009

That’s how long I’ve gone without crying. I thought I was going to hit day two but I read poetry by a woman who has been in my shoes and the feeling of being fully understood makes me weep because I know as selfish as it is, I am not alone.

The lines that affected me most:  It comes to seem like a dream, impossible that we ever hovered on this threshold or imagined ourselves ready to go through.

If you are suffering through a miscarriage and would like some poetry for the soul, read here:


A Haiku

April 23, 2009
A dream lit in me-
And faded before I woke.
Put me back to sleep