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A post about work

April 28, 2008

Well this is not a pregnancy related post but I just have to say that I hate living in a box. Yes, I said it. I am sitting right now in a window less box. (i.e. I am at work). I know that this is life and I’m luckier than many to have a job but I can’t help but point out that considering the job I do involves helping the needy, why do I have to work like a mutant drone.

A coworker who I’ve expressed my displeasure regarding my job with has asked me to point out what is it that I hate about my job. I hate the commute. I hate the schedule of 9-5 and sitting in a windowless box. I like what I do, I hate how it must be done. I’m not sure what I can do that about.

Maybe I should start playing the lottery. I would probably still do the type of work I do, but I guess then, I could call the shots on my work environment.