My husband [who I will call Jack] and I [who I will call Kate]  have been married almost seven years and began trying for a baby January 2008. Months passed and the pregnancy test companies rejoiced at their spike in sales while I mourned another month of trying again. Doctors kept dismissing me, telling me that I just needed more time. Ultimately I found a doctor who diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome [PCOS] and I began taking Metformin. Two months after my diagnosis and medication I became pregnant. I believed this was meant to be. I already visualized the nursery and we named our baby Speck. We saw ultrasound pictures and we were in love. April 13, 2009, a week before my second trimester began, I woke up to blood and in the ER that night, I lost my baby.

This is a blog about my struggles with infertility, a story that is so common, yet still so uniquely painful to each person who endures it. This is also a blog about grief and recovery as I try to move on from losing a baby I never met but loved just the same.

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  1. Hey Kate, I actually blogged an article about what Tricare does and doesn’t cover. It’s not too bad, probably not as good as civilian fertility insurance but then again alot of companies don’t cover fertility at all so I guess we’re both lucky to have some coverage. Just go down to the “labels” section of my blog and click on Tricare. Hope this helps!

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