Oh Cavity, why now?

August 28, 2009

When I get pregnant my gums and teeth start acting funny but this time the pain was slightly more acute and I knew I had a cavity. I went to the dentist and when I signed in I said, just so you know I’m pregnant. The receptionist looked at me and smiled I remember you! You thought you were pregnant last time you came. I stared at her with my jaw hanging down to my knees. I wrote about this May 2008, over a year ago. How I thought I was pregnant and had to do the walk of shame and say nope, just a crazy IF dreaming. It’s been over a year and she remembers. I felt like one of those mentally unhinged women who pretend they’re pregnantl. No really, I said shaking my head, I really am this time.

The dentist thinks I have a cavity but he can’t do any dental work until I’m in my second trimester. Come back when you’re four months pregnant, he said. It is a really fucking sad fact of life that I stared at him confused at how he could just say that. Shouldn’t he say instead if you’re still pregnant and don’t have a miscarriage, then come back in month four. I mean, really, that’s where my mind went instead of understanding the normal assumption that women who see positive pregnancy tests have babies at the end of it! I find it amazing how loss factors into even random ordinary interactions such as a dentist appointment.

I hope and pray the cavity stays a wee little cavity and doesn’t morph into root canal. I don’t know how one survives that for months on end. <– Look at me! Months on end! Hope: you are a sticky little sucker. (fingers and toes crossed)



  1. Oh Kate. What horrible timing. =( Im so sorry, hon.

    I really hope that toofer doesn’t give you too much grief.

    I’m still holding out so much hope for you! I think of you and your precious bean daily. *hugs*

  2. Oh sweetie… I too had that thought when I needed X-rays on my teeth and had to have wisdom teeth removed… How it hurt when we never take the “when you are Xm pregnant”s for granted…

  3. I too have been gauging my pregnancy journey by the comings and goings of dentist appointments. I was pg last time I went so no xrays. And I’ve set up another appt in Sept strategically so that it will fall before I can ttc again – I should even have enough time for a few fillings which I will undoubtedly need. So I can have my xrays and novacain etc and then go on my merry baby dancing way. Although I’m sure I will have some explaining to do when the staff greets me with congratulations and how’s the baby!?! If I were you I’d wait as long as possible. maybe ’til the end of the pregnancy in 9 months. Just because I get so possessive of my time and my health when I’m pg. Not that I think it would hurt to have a filling. If your dentist will do it, it must be safe. Dentists don’t want to be sued. If they thought there was even a small risk, they wouldn’t do it.

    Any idea if novacain is bad for pregnancy? And if so (sounds like it might be in the first tri?) how long does that stay in your system?

  4. Astrid, I have no clue and I guess that’s what is going to harm the pregnancy. I will have to do my research and ask my OBGYN because I don’t want to risk anything at this point. If I can possibly hold off until the pregnancy is over that would be ideal. I’ve have enough risks to deal with!

  5. I’m so sorry you have a cavity! It just figures, doesn’t it? Well, as awful as the timing of this cavity is, I hope this pregnancy is it for you, and you have to wait for your second trimester or nine months, difficult as that may be!

  6. i am just barely pregnant and i am so worried about cavities.. i just know i have one right now.. i can just feel it. i am thinking the exact same thing.. well, if it doesn’t work out, i’ll go sooner, but if this baby sticks around, i’ll go in three months.

    i relaly really hope this works for you.. and that your cavity stays small while your baby gets bigger

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