Its not sign hunting if the signs hunt you!*

August 19, 2009

7dpo: mild cramping and then, spotting. I think. I wore pink  so its ambiguous. Asked Jack for a second opinion. Never saw a man flee so fast. I will not buy a bucket of HPTs. This means nothing. Yep, that should do it. Sigh. *If its implantation bleeding is it normal to spot for two days? And when could I take an HPT for accurate results?*


  1. Oh, I hope this is a good sign! Personally, I wish I could just hibernate for two weeks just in time to get the answer.

  2. I wont say that 7dpo could be implantation spotting (but okay, I will, because I am sign hunter too!!!!) Fingers crossed!

  3. LOL! You are being stalked, ma’am 🙂 Go buy a bucket of Dollar Store tests. It’s fun to pee on things in the morning! Even better, sign up for Fertility Friend and have them give you a score based on symptoms it’s ever so much fun 🙂

  4. hmmmmmmmmm
    that sounds *quite* promising, Kate. Fingers crossed, warmly,

  5. bwahahaha poor Jack, that’s hilarious!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that it IS implantation bleeding!!

  6. Well, the timing is right, right? I’m hoping for you!

  7. I hope it is – and yes – I have read that it can last three days!

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