My helpful insurance company

August 18, 2009

When I went to see the maternal fetal specialist they wanted to draw my blood for ten different tests. I asked if they worked with LabCorp since that’s the only lab my insurance approves. They said no but said it was okay if they sent my blood work to the Quest lab. I felt hesitant since I read the fine print of my HMO and it said only LabCorp of America for blood work. It’s hard to read that wrong. Still, the doctor’s office was adamant so they began the blood draw. As they filled the vial for my HCG I asked them if they could fax the other blood draw orders to my OBGYN who  uses LabCorp. They looked at me like I was insane but agreed. The next morning my HMO confirmed we  only cover LabCorp. You’ll be responsible to pay for the HCG blood test.

I’ve been waiting for this bill. I’ve been like a boxer prepping for the good fight. Today I got a letter in the mail. It was thin and white, from my insurance company. I looked at Jack and sighed Here it is! I considered the arguments I would set forth and shuddered at the confrontation to come.  I ripped open the envelope and pulled out the letter: Dear Kate, Congratulations on reaching your third trimester! By now you’re feeling your baby’s kicks and getting ready to prepare for giving birth. Enclosed with this letter are tips and frequently asked questions about labor and delivery…

I’d rather have gotten the bill.



  1. oh my god, that sucks. i still haven’t enrolled in my insurance’s healthy pregnancy program for this exact reason, if i do have a miscarriage i don’t want them sending me letters like that. i have read other people’s blogs who had the same thing happen to them, i’m sorry 😦

  2. I haven’t yet figured out that going online with each new pregnancy is a bad idea. And I feel compelled to update things like my babycenter account with each new due date. And then I forget to do anything about it when it no longer applies. And then the next time I get pregnant and go onto a site, there my old stats are, staring me in the face. “Your baby is six months old now and maybe starting to get his first tooth!” Ah, fuck it. It nails me to the wall every single time it happens. So very sorry you got the shitty surprise in the mail. You’re right – a bill would have been much easier to deal with.

    • Oh crap, I am so sorry. That must have been totally gut wrenching. I hate being blind-sided like that. I have had people come up to me in the street wishing me congratulations, when I haven’t personally told them I was pregnant, and they obviously hadn’t heard the second part of the story. Ugh. I really hope you don’t get any more of these surprises.

  3. Just awful.

    I’m so sorry. =(

  4. First, I am not visiting often enough! So– WRITE, write write write write write send it out, your writing deserves a larger audience, and do not edit the magic out, just sent it…. that is such great news, Kate.
    Next- sore breasts and exhausted? the first cycle after a miscarriage is often successful, like there is a little uptick in fertility, so I will quietly keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Next, your fucking insurance company. They may bite me.
    Really now.

    Wishing you well on all fronts, and I am so incredibly happy to think of you writing full time and promoting your work. I think you are so brave and so smart not to defer this dream. Good for you!


  5. Oh, sweetie, that sucks donkey balls. I’m sorry…

  6. What a terrible kick in the gut, I’m sorry…

  7. That really stinks – I am sorry that you had to deal with that.

  8. Ugh…yeah, like an idiot I signed up for a free baby magazine online when I was pregnant. Every time I get one in the mail it’s like a punch in the face. We moved so I hope I’d stop getting them, but damn if the Post Office didn’t forward them. Bastards.

  9. Ugh… I am so sorry… I remember some mail like that after the children were born and passed away. It was excruciating…

  10. That makes me want to throw up. I’m so sorry.

  11. Oh god, that made my stomach lurch. We all, unfortunately, know how it feels. I got a brochure for healthy birth and baby classes about a month after my d&c and for some reason I was possessed to go on my FF pregnancy page recently, hoping that it had reset itself since my due date has passed only to discover my ticker at 41w and the comments saying “don’t worry if the baby hasn’t been born yet, while uncomfortable, this situation is common….blah blah blah” I did that to myself though, The insurance companies and medical centers need to be more careful, this is one of the worst offenses for how easy it would be to avoid.

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