Two Week Waiting- again

August 14, 2009

This is perhaps the first true two week wait I’ve ever had since I seem to be (I think) certain I did in fact ovulate. The weird thing isย  yesterday, and today my boobs are sore. I fall kerplunk into bed and pass out for the night like I had gone out dancing and drinking ’till 5 in the am. I’m fine with the konking out as that’s kind of been happening for the longest time but why are my boobs hurting? My nurse told me that my Wednesday beta was negative, its not possible to have preggo signs before HCG levels rise right? I thought I’d ask since I’m in the company of the IF experts who have the degrees I trust: street smarts in the land of IF. You’ve all gone to grad school (albeit unwillingly) and got the doctorate in all things IF so your advice, well it matters.

I really am not freaking out about it. I’m too tired to get worked up. Getting pregnant will be good but you won’t see me painting a nursery until the baby is out and in my arms and I can feel its warm baby soft skin against my breast. Until then, I remain hopeful but skeptical.


  1. i don’t know how often af visits you since you have pcos, but sore boobs are also a pms symptom. hopefully it is because you are preggo though, that’s where i’m placing my money!

    • I do get AF but usually they are following anaovulatory cycles. This is one of the rare times that I ovulated so perhaps the way AF comes with regular ovulation is different. So the sore boobs symptom of PMS can come as soon as after ovulation? With me I only get that a day or two before AF.

  2. You can totally have signs before a positive beta. Most of my definite ones start around 5-6dpo. But I’ve heard of people making note of symptoms well before.

    Good luck!!!

  3. I’d guess symptoms could just be from estrogen and progesterone levels being different from what you’re used to, what with a good ovulation and all…

  4. You are describing my PMS, some months I also get nausea and vomiting and all kinds of other fun stuff. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope that you are preggo!! ((hugs))

  5. Michele, Kate, Autoimmunelife, thank you very much. I never knew people got sore boobs this soon or other similar symptoms. I’m slightly disappointed since this means I can’t read into these symptoms but its cool to know how regular ovulating folks live! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Autoimmunelife, do you have a website? I can’t seem to link over.

  6. I have read so many women obsessing over these symptoms, so it’s hard to say if it means anything or not. It could though. Hormonal changes can cause physical ones like sore breasts, although now you just have to wait and see what the hormonal changes are from. Waiting is so hard, but exciting too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. the best thing for you to do would be not to over think any symptoms that you might be having. i hope that you are pregnant, but if you’re not i don’t want you to be crushed when you find out, i think you have been through enough these past few months. pms symptoms and pregnancy symptoms can be very similar which is why it’s best to just roll with it and try to occupy your mind with other things. easier said than done, i know.

  8. Thanks Katery, can you please share your wisdom regarding HOW to turn off the “checking wondering hoping” switch. I will say that that switch is almost on mute lately after everything I’ve gone through this year but I want to stifle all of the wondering alltogether.

  9. i hope you didn’t take offense to that comment, i am only sharing with you what i had to do in order to maintain my own sanity during our ttc journey. that’s not to say that what i did is the best way to do anything, on the contrary, it’s probably the opposite, but for me it was easier on my brain to believe that the symptoms i was having were not pregnancy related, because most of the time i was right, they weren’t, and had i allowed myself to believe that i was pregnant on every one of the twenty cycles we tried to conceive on, i don’t think i would have made it. but that’s me, and you are not me, we have different infertility issues and pessimism may not be a coping method that works for you. you and i have/had been ttc for close to the same amount of time, we started in sept ’07 and you in january ’08, if i could have had a positive hopeful attitude i would have, but after a few months of total disappointment, i just couldn’t do it anymore. although i was unable to be hopeful for myself, i am very hopeful for everyone else out there dealing with infertility, i really hope that you are pregnant and if not i truly believe that you will be very soon.

    • Oh Katery you could not offend me if you tried. You’ve been such a support and shoulder to lean on during this entire situation and I am forever grateful. I just remember you said, even before you were pregnant, how you just didn’t get your hopes up, and I wish I could learn how to control that because I firmly believe that though optimism may work in some areas of life it just doesn’t work in this area of life, this TTC, IF area. What happens happens and like you were, I AM getting tired of the disappointment. Right now all I’m doing is trying to keep myself busy. Reading, cooking, listening to music, working out, chatting with friends. I’m refusing to google for symptoms, etc, and I’m not even touching my boobs to check for soreness anymore. It is strangely of comfort to know that these can also be PMS signs because it means I won’t be crushed since I know full well it could be another explanation.

  10. i used to feel my boobs too, looking for a sign, any sign (i still do actually, and even though i’m finally pregnant, they’re not sore at all)… the fact of the matter is, i always had a little tiny glimmer of hope, but i tried to drown it out with my mantra “you are not pregnant, you are not pregnant, you are not pregnant.” it makes me sad now just thinking about it, i hope you don’t feel that way, and i’m glad that you weren’t offended ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Just saw your comment lol – sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, life has been crazy around here…
    (and I go by J on my blog, so you have a name for me) ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. for what its worth – I had all the same symptoms at about 4 days post transfer, just as bean was implantating. Of course, I also had stupidly high p4 and mild OHSS, which I don’t suggest caused the soreness (I’m pretty sure that that was caused by me constantly pressing on them to see if they were sore ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    I had no postivity left in me at all for this cycle, and this is the one that worked, so ..
    Hoping for you.

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