Officially Unpregnant

August 13, 2009

My HCG results were so low they’re negative! exclaimed the nurse. When I get sick I bounce back very fast. The doctor used to say your body reacts fast to pathogens, it won’t tolerate any intruders. I process this information, and marvel at how good my body is at this thing, like a bouncer at an elite club dealing with an undesirable mess, quickly ridding itself of all evidence of the dirty deed. Next time around I’ll have to put my little bean on the “all access VIP list” and hope my body parts the velvet rope.



  1. Thanks for your kind words. I am sorry to hear about your struggle, and recent losses also. It is a hard, hard road for some of us. I am adding you to my google reader and hoping I read some happy news from your corner soon.

  2. Does your super immune system have anything to do with infertility? If you had mentioned it before, sorry. Just curious about that sort of thing. I seem to have a good immune system too because I don’t often get sick even when everyone around me does, but I always figured it was just because I try so hard to be healthy.

  3. this was a really cute post.. yes, tell your body a BABY is a totally acceptable guest!! not a pathogen!!

  4. Panahamat, I wish you luck in your journey. Thanks for reading.

    Birdless, I don’t know but I do have a clotting disorder which essentially is my blood clots TOO good and goes after the fetus and the clotting snuffs the life out by depriving blood to the uterus and/or placenta. I don’t try *that* hard to be healthy (i.e. not a regular vitamin taker or anything) but somehow this is what it is…. who knew.

    Gabby thanks 🙂

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