My doctor and the plan

July 30, 2009

I’m still recovering from having passed out as I did. I’ve passed out before but never like this. Jack acts like he’s seen a ghost. I’m worried about some chest pains I’m having, I wish I knew when its serious enough to seek immediate help. I have a mild heart condition (Mild mitrovalve prolapse and Type I AV Nodal Block) so I’ll certainly call my cardiologist tomorrow, I just hope its nerves getting to me and nothing more.

I went to see my OB-GYN today, and we talked about coming up with a plan. I told her that next go around I want progesterone as soon as I ovulate but I never know when I ovulate. She read my mind and offered the following two plans:

a) TTC naturally again and as soon as I get pregnant start lovenox and progesterone.

b) When I’m ready, as soon as I get my period I will go in for her to check my ovaries, and then start me on estrogen meds,  and then Clomid and then progesterone. This will ensure that I will have the progesterone from the get go and will be able to get a positive pregnancy test in a reasonable TWW so I can start the lovenox ASAP.

We’re still waiting for a more complex battery of tests that should come back in a week or two which may mean I will need more meds or more evaluation. Right now I’m leaning towards plan B. Jack wants to start TTC in October. I kind of want to start in September, but maybe two months off is not a bad idea. We still plan to see the RE in September and see what he has to offer.

I am feeling very hopeful. A feeling that’s coming of its own accord without my prodding and reasoning my way into it. I grieve the loss of my miscarriages and the babies for whom I held such dreams and hopes. I will always miss them. Still, I am grateful to know why it possibly happened. Next time we will have more knowledge and perhaps this knowledge will result in a baby I can hold in my arms and cherish. Perhaps. It is this word within which all hope and prayers hinge on.



  1. I am so sorry to read about your fainting – that had to be so scary. You seem like an amazing woman and hope is such a good thing.

  2. yes, you will know more and you will be ready!

  3. Knowing more about what happened is a good thing. I’m a big believer in knowing The Plan for the Future, as well. And it sounds like you’re in a good space for learning more about both those things. Thinking of you and glad that you sound so strong this evening. Shall be waiting to hear what your cardiologist says.

    • I hope you are feeling better and it’s great that you are coming up with a plan. I’m glad you’re checking out information from a RE. They can take blood and check to see when you ovulate. Take care of yourself and please try to do something that is relaxing and helps your heart a little this weekend.

  4. I can see why you are leaning towards B too. I think that is the direction I would go also. It is such a pain not knowing if/when you ovulate, especially when starting treatments then could help your pregnancy. I’ve been there and I dont know what I would do if I couldnt pinpoint ovulation and get the ball rolling.

    Sending hugs…

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