And then there was blood

July 25, 2009

I’m spotting. It’s not a flow but its there. Pinkish Reddish. The doctor says we saw a heartbeat I’m reassured, stay off your feet and rest up. I’ve heard this before, oh yeah, in April. Please keep me in your prayers. I feel like I’m in the rings of hell from Dante’s inferno.

Edited to add: It’s still no blood on the pad and its been 14 hours since I first noticed blood. [only when I wipe] My first miscarriage from the first blood sighting to the loss it took about 16 hours. I’m really tempted to go to the ER to get an ultrasound. I shoudn’t right? I should just be patient, right? Sigh.



  1. Sweetie, I’m thinking of you. Is there any way to postpone the in-laws? I think they really are bad for you 😦

  2. i was so hoping this weekend would be a much needed rest for you. i’m daily remembering you…and i’m with arminta on postponing the in-laws…or maybe you could have to leave on an “emergency” business trip? 🙂 take good care, l

  3. You’re in my thoughts – please take it easy this weekend!

  4. ugh, that sucks, i hope it’s nothing. i have a good friend who was bleeding a lot (not spotting, flowing) when she was just a couple of months along, her doctor put her on bed rest and she’s 6 1/2 months pregnant now (and off of bed rest), so there’s definitely still a chance for you! i’ve got my fingers crossed and i’ll be thinking about you hoping everything is ok.

  5. Thanks guys…. I woke up this morning and its more of the same… it barely shows up on a pad. Were I not (warning TMI to come) taking a tissue and really poking around I wouldn’t know since its not showing up in the urine and on the pad its just teeny tiny little splotches, when I wipe though its a deep maroon color. Its not a flow though… so I’m comforted by that.

    Oh and the inlaws are already here, it started a few hours after they arrived. I just dont get it.

  6. hi again,
    you could also look for an ultrasound lab that would let you do private pay if that would be more affordable and less of a hassle than an er visit. but maybe they wouldn’t have any appts available right away…not sure, but just thought of it as an option.
    also, i was thinking last night that if this little bit of spotting you’re experiencing is from m/c, i’d be surprised it would happen so quickly…it’s just that in two of my m/c experiences where we did the ultrasounds it took at least a week or two for me to bleed and that was after already seeing on the ultrasounds that there was no heartbeat/embryo….so they could have even died up to three or more weeks before i bled.
    did you perhaps stop taking your progesterone supplement for a day or two when your doc misdiagnosed you? a small fluctuation in hormones could cause w/d bleeding maybe?
    but i’m no doctor…i just think it’s a good thing that it’s not flowing and it’s not bright red blood…my acupuncturist was just reminding me yesterday that it’s “pretty common for women to see some old blood (i.e. dark or brown blood), but w/ a m/c you are looking for bright red blood and low back pain.”
    anyway, that’s what she said. (do you watch the office?! little inadvertant humor from the office thrown in there.)
    oh my, sorry this is a book! with care, lilly

  7. Thanks for the advice Lilly. I did stop taking progesterone for one day, Tuesday, the day I thought I’d already miscarried.

    I TOO was surprised to miscarry so soon! With my last m/c as well, the fetus died at least a week or two before I actually miscarried. That was why it felt so bizarre, I bled about 48 hours after seeing a healthy fetus thriving in my womb.

    The spotting has tapered down. I’m hoping its just irritation from progesterone supp’s, or the fact that I didn’t take it one day, or because of the ultrasound test maybe poked too hard, I’m hoping hoping hoping.

    If the spotting continues to remain tapered off I’ll wait until Monday to demand a u/s from my doctor, but if it doesn’t, then I might do a late night ER run.

    Thanks for your advice.

  8. Dammit. Take care of yourself. Rest up as best you can. Sending you hugs.

  9. I’m glad to hear that it’s tapered down. Too bad the in-laws were already there, though. If yours are anything like mine, they don’t mix with not drinking. Take it easy and let us know how things are progressing. If you need anything please know that you have a whole community here for you.

  10. bleeding is always scary, esp after a loss. do whatever you need to for peace of mind. if that means going to the er, then go. when i bled, i called the RE in a panic and stayed home per her advice and things worked out. other times, i havent been as lucky. so truly. do what makes you feel best.

    prayers for you and your little one…

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