Doctor Visit Update

July 16, 2009

Thanks to all of you who left me well wishes and urged me to climb down from the ledge I somehow perched myself upon. It’s true the diagnosis of PCOS, lupus anticoagulent disorder, low progesterone are good things so that this won’t happen again. I do get that, thanks for the reminder. The doctor visit went as expected though I had a mini-scare at the start of it. When pregnant when you walk into the exam room, they usually have a congrats brochure with information for new mothers. This time it wasn’t there. The nurse came in five minutes later and apologized that she forgot to put the brochure there. So yes, the test at the doctor’s office also confirmed my BFP. I’m being referred to a maternal fetal specialist to discuss whether I’ll get on lovenox or not. That should be early next week. Based on my uterus I’m only 4-5 weeks pregnant. I guess that makes sense since I had implantation bleeding about 3.5 weeks ago. She offered to do a beta test so I’ll find out tomorrow what my numbers are, and I’ll go in again on Monday for a follow-up beta. Tuesday is my first ultrasound to date this pregnancy. I really hope they find a heart beat.

It’s hard to get seen by my doctor but she rocks. Whenever I meet her I feel lucky she’s taking care of me because I trust her. I feel slightly better after the doctor’s visit. She told me I’d feel weird up until I passed the ten week mark when I lost the first pregnancy. I guess that’s natural. Regardless of how many nicknames I come up with, in the recesses of my mind the fear is going to lurk. My goal is to keep it in the recesses of my mind and not to allow it to  jump up and take center stage doing the river dance.

But just for the record, I’m pretty sure it’s a girl. 🙂



  1. ThankGodThankGodThankGodThankGod!

    I’ve been sitting here refreshing your page in hopes of an update & left a message too. Congratulations & fingers crossed for Tuesday!

    Love you,

  2. I don’t think I would have slepty tonight unless I knew your dr visit went well. Sounds like you’re in good hands. Take care of yourself and relax. Breathe in. Breathe out.

  3. Baraka, Shawna ((hugs)) your concern and care brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. It means the world to know I have support out there. Shawna, how did you make it through the first trimester sane????

  4. I just want to say that I am so happy for your confirmation of your pregnancy, happy for your soon-to-be beta, for your follow-up next week, your scheduled ultrasound.
    and I am glad you like your doctor, and that you’ll be seeing an MFM.

    But mostly I want to say congratulations– you’re doing all the right things, seeing all the right people, and your body is doing a wonderful amazing incredible thing.

    I hate that you have complexities to work with and around, but as you’ve said, now you know what you are working with and that makes it much easier.

    just because I am kate, I have to say, be gentle with yourself. you did not choose to have complexities. they just are. like brown hair or swirly thumbprints. they came with the package.

    and revel revel revel in this great and happy miraculous thing, and yes, acknowledge fear. reveling and fear can coexist.
    sending warm happy celebratory thoughts your way.
    I was hoping for very good news today on your blog and this is just great great great! warmly, Kate

  5. Kate, your words have healing powers. You will never know how much your words have meant to me. Particularly your comment that I have to be gentle with myself because the issues I have, they come with the package that is me. Just like fingerprints differentiate me so do so many other things including the challenges life has chosen for me on this earth. You know how sometimes you can have a lightbulb moment? I just got one. Thank you again!

  6. i was so happy to catch up on my blog reading today when we finally got back into cell service…and was especially happy to read of your continued good news…ups and downs, yes, but you’re travelling mainly in the uphill direction–which is a good thing. 🙂 remembering you and wishing you all the best…….l

  7. That’s awesome! As Baraka says, thank God. I keep thinking about Anne of Green Gables when I think of you, and how she keeps comparing Jem’s growth to what Joyce’s would have been…. she got her Jem (and more), and God-willing, you will too. Will be thinking about you and the ultrasound on Tuesday!

    • i must say, i’ve always prided myself on being up on my anne of green gables, but you’ve got me stumped on this one! is this in the book, i’m thinking? i never did get into the books, so maybe that’s why i’m in the dark! please do fill me in! 🙂

  8. Wonderful news!

    And I think it bodes well for you that you’re only 4-5 weeks pregnant. This way, the doctors can start you on a clotting treatment before you’re too far along.

    And if those bad thoughts start doing the RIver Dance, just let me know. I’ll come over and grease the stage, or something else sneaky. =)

  9. Congrats on your 4-5 weeks! I’m so glad your doc appt went great!

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