It’s blurry but there. Wow.

July 9, 2009



  1. um yes. that’s pretty convincing. Are you getting a beta?

  2. I DEFINITELY see two pink lines!! WooHoo!! Let us know when you get your b/w back. That’ll help you figure out when you ovulated, too. I have super long-ass cycles – you give me hope! 🙂

  3. Astrid, I’m going to ask for one on Thursday. Unfortunately its something I have to self advocate for but at least she’ll probably do it after some prodding. I’m not going to be in the dark this time around.

    Stacey, most definitely. Considering my last period was May 13 and I’m somehow pregnant . . . yes, I hope it does give you hope because this is quite improbable but it happened!


  5. it’s a beautiful sight. did they call in the progesterone?

  6. T, 😉

    Kate, yes! she did, I’m so glad I have you guys because it gave me the confidence to insist upon it. Are you taking prog too? They gave me a suppository instead of pills this time.

  7. yes i have been on progesterone for a while, i think i started it two days after my iui but to be honest with you i don’t really remember the exact day! i usually write all this stuff down in a planner but i forgot to jot that one down. i am also on suppositories, they are kind of gross, but i know someone else who is taking progesterone orally and she’s having side effects, she’s totally exhausted all the time, i haven’t had any side effects so i guess it’s worth it to do it this way. i only have to be on it for two more weeks, woohoo, can’t wait to be done with the dripping (i know, tmi)!

  8. Little late to the party, but… congratulations! That’s awesome! I am so happy for you!! 🙂

  9. Katery, yikes, supp’s sound gross! But if the side effects are better its worth it I guess. So how far along will you be when you stop? End of first trimester?

    HK- thanks 🙂 We need to catch up, its been a while.

  10. suppositories yes, but to protect my delicate skin from coming apart, I used the rectal method– horrible psychologically but much easier physically.
    and yes, for 10-14 weeks for most folks.
    if you are prone to irritation, might want to use a small amount of vasoline for a barrier.

    Those are two BEAUTIFUL lines
    another kate

  11. i will be discontinuing suppositories at ten weeks which is when the placenta is supposed to take over. also, i’m pretty prone to irritation but i haven’t had any problems with the suppositories.

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