Umm. Oh my God.

July 8, 2009

So I’m on day 600 of no period (give or take a few) and was sitting to blog about the frustration of no period going on two months. I was ready to call my doctor. She gave me progesterone and I still had not gotten a period. What’s up with that? A week ago I thought I was about to get it because I had a spot of blood but then nothing. I was trying to keep my vow of no more preggo tests but I went grocery shopping and picked up one up and umm . . .

It’s positive.

Two lines.

I don’t know what to do with myself. I called the doctor because I’m afraid, does progesterone cause false positives? I don’t know. The line is DARKER than the control line.

Um. Um. Um.

I’m waiting for my doctor to call me back. The wait is excruciating.

If you are one of the three people who read this that know me in real life please pretend at the moment that you do not know me.ย  Jack made me promise never to again tell so soon about my pregnancy and though if you read and know me you this is kind of weird, just please don’t mention it to me until I’m ready to mention it to you.

Besides, right now I’m not even sure if I’m really pregnant.

CALL doctor. Call!

*Update* The nurse called and said the progesterone does not cause false positives and that I am in fact pregnant. I’m scheduled to go in next Thursday to confirm and I just had to fight to get the nurse to ask the doctor to call in an order of progesterone for me. She was like we can do that when you come in thursday. I told her I just had a miscarriage and I’m pretty paranoid low progesterone caused it so can you please see if some can be ordered for me? Hopefully it will.

I really am still in complete and utter shock.


  1. OMG!OMG!OMG! I’m so excited for you! That’s so amazing! Yay, 2 pink lines!!!

  2. Thanks Stacey. I’m still in disbelief and shock right now. I haven’t even told Jack yet. Yikes.

  3. That is wonderful and amazing news! Congratulations!!! How exciting that it came as an unexpected surprise. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. THAT’S WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Yes, beat them silly until you get your progesterone! If I get pregnant again I’m staying on that stuff until I have a healthy baby if possible! (I think you and I share the same fear about how we lost our babies)

    Hoping and praying for you!!

    That is the coolest thing ever
    and WHOA how amazing. your head must be spinning.
    Ok then, waiting for thursday– next week thursday? Ok that seems like a long time from now and I am not even you.

    I vote you pick up your pee stick addiction right where you left off and have at it for reassurance (just see that there are two lines there). Amazingly great news Kate, congratulations and breathe.

  6. OMG!! That is AMAZING! Congratulations! I guess there is no way to find out how far along you are without HCG testing? Keep us posted!

    I’ll continue counting the grains of sand in my hourglass in hopes that the time somehow goes by faster that way.

  7. HOLY CRAP! Who wouldda thought. I am SO excited for you. And in suspense too. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes – a dark line sounds very reassuring. I don’t know how you’re going to manage the wait but I know you will. One day at a time. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  8. Oh. My. God. I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks because I’m so excited and so incredibly happy for you. You deserve this, possibly more than anyone EVER in the history of conception. Relax, rest, and enjoy!

  9. Oh my goodness!

    My jaw dropped while I was reading your post!


    I’m curious to know how far along you are (as I’m sure you are as well!).

    Miracles *do* happen. =)

  10. Wow, that’s amazing. Congratulations.

  11. oh my god!!!! that is so awesome! you really needed that bfp, i am SO happy for you!!! i can’t wait to hear more!

  12. wow! was not expecting to read that…i was convinced with you that af was just refusing to show….i’m so thinking of you and hoping with you and wondering how you’re feeling and wishing you all the best with this pregnancy. i think it’s kind of fun that it “snuck up” on you!

  13. they better order that god damn progesterone for you, make sure they do, tell them you want to talk to the doctor if they won’t. i had to ask for mine and the nurse didn’t seem to keen on giving it to me, she asked me why i thought i needed it, ummmm, hello, maybe because i’ve been trying to get pregnant for two years and i’ve never tried progesterone? in any case i got pregnant on the cycle i started using it, go figure.

  14. OMG!!!! I am so excited for you & Jack, sweetheart!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    He is going to be over the moon when you tell him tonight!

    So much love to you & Babybug!

    Lovelovelove, prayers & blessings,

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