Accepting Infertility

June 22, 2009

My posts reflect I reached a low point last week. I felt like my infertility had trapped me into a corner and I could not find my way out. When I sat with my therapist I blurted out in tears I can’t keep going on like this. If I continue feeling this way the results could be bad. He looked up with concern asking me what that meant. I hastened to tell him, I didn’t think suicidal thoughts, but the future seemed so frightening and bleak from where I stood in my journey that this blank space terrifed me to the point of emotional paralysis.

Friday, I decided I needed to do some soul searching. I took the day off work. I worked out. It felt good to sweat away the adrenaline. Each step on the pavement felt like I was pounding away my demons. I showered and then I lit some candles and prayed. Through my tears, I asked for a child. More importantly, I asked for peace. I warned God that my infertility has shaken my concept of Him. That though I prayed, my faith remained weaker than it once was. Then I meditated. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply and breathed out. I focused on my breath, the sound of the fan in the distance. The candles burned in the distance casting a beautiful glow in my shady afternoon bedroom.

Then, I felt it. Peace. A stillness in my heart that has eluded me for months. I felt no pain, no grief, just peace.

Later that evening as I read a book, a thought struck me with the force of a hammer thrown across the room. I saw my path. Yes, I thought, I am on the fourth week of my two week wait.  Yes, the pregnancy test Jack asked me to take this morning still says negative. But- I *will* get a period eventually. I will see my OBGYN Tuesday. Then I’m going to see an RE. I’m going to get a plan. I need to get out of the moment. The now in which my reality is: no period,  a missed month of trying, hormones that are not helping my emotions.

I think that this past year of TTC I have not accepted my condition. I have PCOS. I am not normal. I want children and my condition, without the right treatment, precludes that. I have been angry about my diagnosis. I have grieved each monthly cycle and the loss of hope it brought. I have felt like less of a woman. Less of a wife. Less of a daughter. I feel I have failed everyone around me. I have lamented my condition, but I did not accept that for better or worse PCOS is my condition to own. My doctor indirectly tries to put the blame of PCOS on me telling I should lose weight and it will magically disappear. But I’m only 10 pounds from my ideal BMI. I’m sick of carrying this guilt. I’m ready to let it go.

Coping with infertility is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I’m sure along the way I will fall. Thanks for reading and being there to lift me up.



  1. wishing on you continued peace and answers for what to do from here.
    I think the right doc will make a world of difference in how you feel about your journey and your chances. And it will change the way you feel about everything since you will be back in control. Information is power, as are options.

    wishing you well,

  2. I’m so happy that you were able to find peace this weekend — if only for a moment.

    All of this is so unbelievably scary. I have grappled with the same thoughts that you have — that I am less of a woman. Less of a wife. That I was “selected out” by the universe. It’s so hard to let thoughts like these go.

    But you MUST remember (we must all remember): This is not our fault.
    We ARE women. We are STRONG women. We ARE wives. We are DEDICATED wives. The universe has not selected us out. Instead, it has selected us to be the STRONGEST willed humans on the planet.

    I’m happy that you’re ready to move on to seeing a RE. A new plan will renew your hope.

  3. i’m glad you have found some peace, as soon as you start seeing an re things will move along much quicker.
    you can read about iclw here…


  4. Hang in there. You’re right. You WILL get AF. And though each cycle and even each week (each day? hour?) seems like an eternity in this process, particularly when you lose control of it, I have confidence that we’ll both be able to look back on this time as a blip (albeit a painful one) because we will be enmeshed in the demands of motherhood and unable to think of anything besides how so very worth it everything was.

  5. Your post made me cry, sweetheart. You’re a strong & beautiful woman & I’m so glad that you had that moment of peace. May it grow and calm you & give you the strength & perspective you need to get through the dark times to the light ahead.

    Love you,

  6. thanks for sharing your journey…the ups and the downs…i’m grateful you found a bit of stillness in the eye of the storm.

  7. Thanks for showing the way. I need to reconnect my faith, to pray for acceptance and peace. Thank you for sharing your struggles so honestly!

  8. MeKate, MEG, Katery, Astrid, Baraka, Lilly, Stacey, thank you SO much for your words of support and comfort. It helps to know I am not alone in this struggle.

  9. (I’m here from Blogger Bingo.) Thank you for sharing so honestly–what a wonderful moment of stillness in the midst of the struggle. I hope you can find a similar peace again in these early days of your pregnancy.

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