These “symptoms”- advice

June 5, 2009

I’m nauseous. My boobs are sore [though this comes and goes]. I constantly feel the need to sleep. I’ve read this can occur just because you ovulated, not necessarily because you are pregnant. I’m not used to ovulating so maybe this is the case, but I was wondering if any of you could give advice one way or other on this? If ovulation is always followed by feelings of pregnancy, I have a rougher road ahead than I thought in the TTC journey. Any advice or insight from personal experience much appreciated.



  1. it is not unusual to have symptoms like that. i really hope all of this is because you are pregnant, but for me, after facing 23 months of disappointment i really try not to pay too much attention to symptoms that could mean anything. i have to try not to get my hopes up for my emotional well being.

  2. I could never tell if I was pregnant when we were trying before. K actually knew before I tested, because he has a sixth sense about that kind of thing.
    I ordered 20 early pregnancy tests at 80 cents a piece from http://www.early-pregnancy-tests.com which were like crack for me when I was trying. They are very sensitive tests and showed a positive when I was 13 days past ovulation, or 2 days before my period was due. I never bought another store-bought pregnancy test, that’s for sure!
    I’m wishing you lots of baby dust for this cycle! Hang in there!

  3. Katery, so it not unusual to have symptoms like that and still not be pregnant? It’s confusing for me since last year at least 8 of the 12 months in 2008 I did not ovulate so I got no normally cyclical symptoms. I understand not paying attention to symptoms. The month I was pregnant, I didn’t test until CD 46 just because I was so sick of seing a negative.

    Jeanine, do you recommend the cheap pg tests? I just spent 10 bucks on two and they were the cheap brand. Thanks for the luck. I don’t have a sixth sense about this…. I’ve been sure I was pregnant in the past… and was not…. so we’ll see what happens!

  4. Hi there–
    I just found your blog and after briefly reading your posts, I realized our situations are similar. Just this week I started my own blog http://www.2ww4baby.blogspot.com — a way to sort of get my feelings out there (even if no one does read my blog). At any rate, if you ever want to talk with someone who is in a very similar situation, feel free to email me.

    I’m in the 2ww now — supposed to get my period on June 16. Baby dust to you.

  5. yeah, it’s not unusual in between ovulating and having your period to be tired and have sore boobs, i don’t know about the queasiness as i’ve never experienced it myself. i don’t want to make you lose hope, but it does happen.

  6. I tried commenting before, but I don’t think it worked?

    Anyway, I just found your blog and saw that we are in very similar situations (I just started my own blog this week at http://www.2ww4baby.blogspot.com). Would love to chat with you — it’s always nice to speak with someone who can relate.

    Take care and baby dust.

  7. i’ve had similar symptoms for the past 18 months. i’m not saying your symptoms are psychosomatic but the desire to be pregnant is a very powerful thing and you notice every little thing that changes with your body. i’m with katery on this one. i just try not to focus too much on symptoms. if you read the 2ww symptoms out there you’ll see that there are a ton of people who “knew” they were pregnant and got their BFP and others who thought for sure they were getting their period and then got a BFP. that being said my BF who has PCOS got preggers on her first try so my fingers are crossed for you. at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with having a positive attitude. all the best to you….

  8. I don’t recommend the ones in the store, but that’s because even the cheap ones are way more than 80 cents each, and personally, I like to test A LOT when I’m TTC. I just buy 20 of those early pregnancy tests, which usually last me quite a few months.
    I don’t have a sixth sense about when I’m pregnant, either. There have been months I really thought I was with all the symptoms, but I got my period anyways. The only time I was truly pregnant, K was able to tell me that I was many days before the test. He has always been able to do that with people he is close to, though.

  9. I work in a medical lab, and we buy our tests in bulk from the manufacturing companies. We change companies often depending on who has the best price. Honestly, the test you’d get if you went to the ER is exactly the same as one you buy from the grocery store. The cheap ones are just as good as the expensive ones. They all run on the same principle, one is as good as another, I promise.

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