The two week wait for a PCOSer

June 4, 2009

So remember I wrote about having ovulated on CD11? That would be May 27. Early for a normal cycled girl, but even more early for me who ovulated on CD23 the month I conceived. I thought I ovulated on CD11 because of EWCM and pangs in my ovary region. Several days later my boobs got a tiny bit sore so I got hopeful as I’ve read that is a sign ovulation happened (not pregnancy necessarily though). I even had to fight back urges to buy a pregnancy test. Then, today, what do I see? EWCM- again. Pangs in my ovaries- again.

My doctor warned me not to focus too much on OPKs  or checking my CM because with PCOS my body does not give me accurate signs. It’s like an indecisive tease, yes! no. Well, maybe? Ha, just kidding.

This is frustrating in its own right but it makes the two week wait painful. In fact, it makes the two week wait inapplicable to me. The two week wait is premised on the fact that you will find out within two weeks of ovulation if you are pregnant or you get your period. But with PCOS you don’t know for sure when you ovulated. You could ovulate the day after your period ends, or three weeks later.

I tell myself who cares? In 2-3 weeks I’ll know if I’m pregnant or not. There is no need to obsess. I will find out sooner or later if I am. Easier said than felt. I think only a fellow infertile can really understand how excruciating those few weeks are, and how maddening it is not to even know when to begin the countdown of the two week wait.

I should have been about five months pregnant. Instead I’m back at square one. I know I should not feel this way, but I feel pathetic and tired and exhausted of this endless cycle.


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  1. Totally feel you! I had too many follicles this cycle, so RE told us not to BD…but we had before, and we did again, too…LH was surging to 43, and she says O is definite….but I can’t trust my body. And BBT is NOT rising…so what does that mean? Am I in the 2ww? If not, will I get AF anyway? I’m taking prog supp now, so BBT will rise and I’ll get AF so I can start again, at least…

    So sorry about the BFN.

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