I think I am pregnant***

June 4, 2009

I’ve been hesitating to write this because a) It’s too early b) I’m always NOT pregnant (save once) c) I will feel really embarassed when I find out I’m not. But this is my private blog to be fully honest, and this really is the truth: I feel pregnant. I know that thinking this may lead to a harder fall when/if I find out I am not. I took the pregnancy test today as early as I did to help myself prepare for a possible negative come June 17, 2009 but the truth is that I do feel pregnant. My boobs are sore. I feel slightly queasy. I want to take a nap right now despite getting my rest. No amount of preparation will help ease the disappointment I will feel if I get my period.

*** Updated to add: I just read this about how post-ovulation symptoms can mimic pregnancy so maybe that is it. I feel ready to hurl. My breasts are growing increasingly tender by the day, and despite 12 hours of rest I wish to sleep. Here is what I think: Maybe because with PCOS I hardly ovulated int he past, now my body showing post ovulation symptoms is confusing me, tricking my mind? I want to be pregnant very badly, but I also do not want to be wishing on a false star.



  1. I HOPE you are pregnant! If it’s any consolation, the first time I was pregnant, I didn’t get a positive test until I was over a week past when my period should have come. The second time, it wasn’t until 4 days after my period was due. I swear that pregnancy test makers KNOW that women who struggle to get pregnant or are just anxious will take a million tests. And the more “NO”s they get, the more tests they take. “Five days sooner” my ass.

  2. HOPING HOPING HOPING that you are!!! I know the one time I was pregnant, my boobs were impossibly sore and I could not get enough sleep. I never had the nausea, but I’d say those are pretty good signs!

  3. Thanks guys for the encouragement! It means a lot 🙂

  4. i hope you are!

  5. oh I So HOPE you ARE pregnant! I believe women have a special God-given intuition about life.. and that this intuition is even more pronounced when it comes to our bodies.. AND you have been pregnant before.. so you know.. oh gosh, I am getting so excited for you as I type this.. I really hope you are pregnant.. I’ll be checking back..

    • (here from blogger bingo)

      I hate how PMS symptoms can be similar to pregnancy symptoms…and how fertility drugs heighten them. I’ve totally felt this way.

      Congratulations on your recent BFP!

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