Doctor’s Appointment

June 4, 2009

Me: I’d like to schedule a consult with Dr. D

Receptionist: Consult for what?

Me: Um, I don’t know to talk about my situation…

Receptionist: Can you please elaborate?

Me: Well, I had a miscarriage… and I have PCOS… and I think I want Clomid… and-

Receptionist: Oh okay, an infertility consult.

Me: Yeah, an infertility consult, but could you list as abnormal periods, you know insurance..

Receptionist: Yeah, Dr. D can code it that but we label it an infertility consult internally since that’s what it is.

Funny how easily I write it on this blog but how difficult it is to say those words outloud. It’s like, saying them makes it real.  We are defined by what we are.  In different contexts we are one thing entirely. Dealing with a client I am 100% lawyer. Lost in a book I’m a 100% reader. Comforting my mother I am 100% daughter. At the OBGYN I am 100% infertile. It’s who I am. Its the label on the medical file. A Miscarrying Infertile PCOSer. Tis life I suppose.

One comment

  1. I’m so glad I went to the specialist yesterday – I think you will be, too! I’ve never truly gone through a two week wait – since I don’t know if I’ve ovulated or not, I’m always looking for signs of ovulation, never get to looking for pregnancy. I’m not a patient person, I have a feeling I’ll be testing every day (I work in a lab, so I can cheat…). Besides, Kate, I’m hoping your wait is over anyways and you won’t even need an RE!

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