Reading “Waiting For Daisy”

May 21, 2009

This is a book about a woman’s quest for motherhood and its written beautifully. I’ve devoured half of it in just one sitting. There is a part where she finds out she is pregnant for the second time. She describes knowing her miscarriage before it happened Suddenly I felt the thread, that silvery strand connecting us, snap. Just like that. “Its over,” I wishpered and started to cry.

Wow. It’s so weird how I just knew at a certain point that this would not happen. I worried from the day of the first ultrasound because the size was too small for where I knew I was. They insisted I did not know when I conceived and it was fine. I said nothing though I knew the day we conceived. I had two ultrasounds and each one the size was measured smaller. I remember for three weeks in a row being told I was five weeks along. I pushed this away. Then, I remember the moment I realized he was gone. I kept telling myself it was my paranoia. I guess I was in denial but I remember. There was a connection, a glint in my eyes, and then it was gone. I no longer felt his presence within me. I began fearing my second trimester appointment that was coming up praying I would hear a heart beat. Turns out I didn’ t need to wait that long to know that I was right.

If you are struggling with infertility this is so far a gorgeous book of comfort. I haven’t finished it, but I have a feeling it has a happy ending and I could really use a happy ending story.

**Updated to add: I’ve finished the book and it really is a great story and the perpective of a woman who has tried it all it seems in her quest for motherhood. As sad as her story is she tells it without getting too sentimental, and she is very honest throughout. I recommend it.



  1. Wow, that sounds like a heart-wrenching book. I have to say that I didn’t feel the moment my baby left me; maybe I was just in denial or trying to be positive, but I remember having a dream that my baby was deformed and died shortly after birth. Maybe that was supposed to be a hint.
    I’ll have to look into that book, and I hope it has a happy ending, too.

  2. Wow Jeanine that dream may have been a sign.. but its okay if you didn’t feel the moment. I had weird symptoms too, and the baby wasn’t growing as fast as I thought it should have so I was suspicious from the start making me more apprehensive as it was.

    The book was surprisingly not very painful to read. She writes very well.

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