Insurance and my Miscarriage

May 21, 2009

I check the mail today to find a letter from my insurance provider stating in effect that they are determining whether or not they will cover my emergency room bill for April 13, 2008 and if I could provide some information to better help them with their determination.

Yeah, insurance company, that’s the day I had a fucking miscarriage and began hemmoraghing. Was it not enough that minutes after they pronounced my uterus empty, the insurance lady came in inquiring the particulars of my coverage and if I had a copy of my insurance card, and reminding me I forgot to sign some paperwork on releases the insurance company would need in order to cover my fucking miscarriage.

We can argue all we want about universal health care, or not. All I know is that the way things are done right now, this corporate America mentality to health care, this is not only wrong, its inhumane.


  1. agreed, i won’t argue about it, i think people who live in countries that have socialized health care enjoy being able to go to the doctor when they are sick or bleeding, no matter how much certain people try to convince us that those people would rather live here where going to the doctor is a privilege and not a right… ummm, ya right.

  2. I think people who have not been on the wrong side of the insurance fence don’t know how bad it can be. I’m on the “good” side in teh sense that I am part of a university system and they really work with me (my insurance company)… but i’m just lucky. It’s so tough to deal with the grief of a miscarriage and compound it with financial issues and the cold hearted attitude.

  3. the word inhumane doesn’t seem to do it justice…they way the insurance companies (and many doctor’s offices) treat us…all in a day’s work for them, i guess…it sucks.

  4. wow – that sucks!!! i am so so sorry!! not cool at all! thinking of you

  5. Lilly, I agree… but since they are working with people, it would behoove them to treat us like people and not just billing numbers. Sigh. ?Oh well.

    Thanks Gabby!

  6. I am so sorry…this is the LAST thing you need to deal with right now. Unfortunately, all insurance companies care about is making the most profit, and they can’t get it by paying claims.
    When you’ve had a miscarriage, everything bad that happens seems to be amplified ten times. I hope those big wigs at the top are real proud of themselves, because someday they’ll have to face what they are doing.

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