Real Housewives of New Jersey

May 12, 2009

I didn’t mean to watch it! I was channel flipping as I was working out I swear! BUT they just discussed one of the housewives who wants a third child and had four miscarriages in a row in this pursuit. Then she burst out crying.  I can’t believe this topic will be addressed on TV.  She at least has children, so at least she has them to comfort her, while right now, I am alone. But I understand her pain. Dammit, I’m relating to one of those housewife series women. I feel like hiding under a blanket as I admit this, but, now I’m going to watch.

Incidentally, if you are a PCOS’er looking for a song to pump you up as you run, Tom Petty’s Don’t Come Around Here No More. As I work out, take my metformin, and south beach diet it, I’m going to let his words become my mantra as I try to beat my PCOS into shape.

Dont come around here no more. I dont feel you anymore. You darken my door. Whatever you’re looking for. Don’t come around here no more.



  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I’m sorry you are having a difficult time getting that first child. I understand how crappy that is.

    I don’t believe acupuncture helped us have a baby, but I do think it can have an impact. When I did it after an IVF cycle, things got back in line much quicker. It definitely made an impact on my body. My theory is that it might help and it very likely won’t hurt, so why not?

    Good luck on your journey!

  2. Thanks Kami, I appreciate it so much. I’m very much leaning to potentially doing acupuncture…. you’re right it doesn’t hurt… its just very expensive, my ohnly reason for pause, but if I knew it helped, I’d give every last cent.

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