Pregnant Women

May 4, 2009

I’m at a conference and I keep finding myself distracted by the pregnant women I see around me. Many of them are colleagues who work in different departments. Last time I saw them, about eight or so months ago they had flat stomachs. Now, they are ready to pop at a moment’s notice. As I see them rubbing their bloated bellies, and waddle down the hallways, I find myself not depressed or jealous or angry. I feel like a child  staring at a Porsche. I feel like a tourist driving through the million dollar homes of the Rich and Famous. I feel like I’ve seen a unicorn. I am in awe, witnessing miracles around me. To get pregnant, to maintain their pregnancy, these are things so far from my grasp, I cannot be angry, only wistful for what I was never entitled to have anyways.



  1. Yes, isn’t it amazing? What once seemed like such a simple thing – getting and staying pregnant – now seems like trying to reach up and grab hold of a cloud. We can see it, but it’s just out of our grasp. I don’t know if a lot of these women really appreciate what an awesome feat their body has accomplished.

  2. I wonder that too Jeanine. When I hear women complain about having children its not that I’m upset with them- because they have a right to feel differently- I just don’t understand why life works that way. Giving what I crave to others who don’t care for it, and vice versa.

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