You Gotta See The Baby! Seinfeld

May 2, 2009

I am seeing two new babies this week. One is a daughter of a friend who didn’t even really want to get pregnant and complained throughout. The other is a “friend” who constantly points out we’ve been married seven years and have yet to conceive. Seeing these “friends” holding their bundle and the smug things they will say to me makes my head hurt to think about.

Our babies would have been six  months apart. They would have been friends.  We would have arranged play dates and complained about the terrible twos. Birthday parties. Trick or Treating. These were all things my baby should have shared with them. Now I will hold these children, I will watch them grow up and I will remember what should have been. The absent third child remembered only by the ache of my heart.

I will smile tomorrow. I will ooh and awe. I will ask about sleeping schedules. But if in the car later that afternoon, if you see me cry- please don’t judge me.


One comment

  1. I don’t have any good words of comfort. Quite frankly that would suck to have to go oooh and ahhh over other people’s babies. It isn’t fair…

    Just letting you know I’m here and still reading.

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