Male OB-GYNs- to go or not to go

June 23, 2008

I have never seen a male doctor since becoming an adult. I prefer females. They know a woman’s body I think they understand me better. HOWEVER- my latest gynecologist was awful, she didn’t listen to me and she gave me bad advice. My Family Doctor who is absolutely lovely, recommended her GYN who is a man. I was intrigued as he will care for you from conception to birth, which very few do now, but it feels immodest. Ya know? But I finally put aside my fears and decided that this is who I am going to see since he is highly recommended by someone I trust. So ofcourse I come across the above picture on postsecret today! I’m still going to go!


One comment

  1. Ew! That pic is grossing me out!

    I’m sure that if a man became a gyn/ob with the wrong intentions, he would be sorely disappointed. Pap smears and labor are just not very sexy. I hope the man would be scarred for life and the image of a baby’s head emerging from the birth canal is the only thing he can think about when he’s ready to get it on with his girlfriend, and he ends up suffering erectile dysfunction as a result. LOL.

    Too harsh? 😀

    I’ve been to many male OB/GYN and I’ve had only good experiences. It is women OB/GYNs who seem cold and dismissive – at least from what I’ve run into. I’m sure that isn’t the case all the time – or even a majority of the time. Whether you like a doctor depends on what type of bedside manner you prefer, but you’ll be headed in the right direction if someone recommended the doctor to you instead of just picking them off some insurance list, you know?

    I hope he’s a keeper!

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