Cycle Day 42

June 13, 2008

I am so confused. Its possibly Cycle Day 42. I had brown discharge with a bit of red, not enough to even require changing one pad and then nothing. Its all gone. If this is not pregnancy then this is a classic anaovulatory period. I dont know why now. Its just all very very frustrating.

In some ways I’d like to still believe this is implantation bleeding except I heard it never really looks RED, which mine did yesterday, it was red. It wasn’t heavy, very very light, just a pad’s worth if even that… but never the less, it was red.

Today I feel nauseous, my boobs feel heavy and I wanted to nap from the moment I woke up.

But I am reading into what are not signs.

I will repeat this over and over again.

Trying to have a baby is the most heartbreaking thing in the world.

I love her but I have not met her.

I want her so badly my heart aches.

The thought of never knowing her, of never having her…

This is the pure essence of love unrequited.

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  1. {hugs}

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