The Irony of “Two Week Wait”

June 2, 2008

I have not posted in some time. I began this blog as a means to vent during the two week wait from ovulation to period when one is on pins and needles regarding whether or not they are with child. Well, since starting this blog the title has grown ironic. My family doctor told me that I could ovulate at any time so the term “Two Week Wait” doesnt apply to me as I could ovulate two days before my period or ten days after the last one. In some ways this helps the time pass. Its been 30 days since my last period and I have not had one urge to take a pregnancy test or check for symptoms (of which there are none). I probably won’t check unless I am 45 days late which puts me in Mid-June. I’m just so tired of seeing that negative and knowing that the two week wait does not apply to me makes it even less logical to keep checking. Still one can hope.


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