On good doctors, very GOOD ones.

May 16, 2008

I love my primary care physician. I went in for a sore throat but she asked me “Did you ever deal with the PCOS, etc issues” So I told her what was happening. EVERYTHING I TOLD THE GYNECOLOGIST. She listened to me and said “For the next few months use an ovulation testing kit to see if you are ovulating or not. If you find out that two to three months in a row you are not ovulating, go to a doctor tell them you’ve been trying for about a year and that you have discovered you don’t ovulate” That’s what I call advice. She also told me that with a cycle as long as mine (39+ days) there is absolutely no predicting when I ovulate. She grinned at me and said “Have sex every other day” and I went, “OMG!! THATS WHAT I THOUGHT I SHOULD DO”… We sat and talked unhurried about children and conceiving. She was so kind and supportive. She recommended her OB-GYN who is a guy but she says is great. I just feel weird men looking down there. I mean, I know its medical but… it is my private parts… BUT he is the old fashioned type of doctor who will be your GYN but will also DELIVER YOUR BABY PERSONALLY. Who does that these days? So I’m going to wait until June and go see him. I think its worth it to see a man if he comes highly recommended and he would see me from TTC to delivery.

Who knew a cold could turn out to be so good. Reasons for everything I tell ye.



  1. Its soo nice to have doctors that truely care.

  2. Great! So glad you got some useful advice and direction! 🙂

    And don’t feel weird about having a man OB/GYN … I actually prefer men because I felt like they’d be less judgmental. LOL. My first OB/GYN was a man, but he was on vacation when I went into labor, so a woman delivered my son – and she was really nice. My second OB/GYN was a male and he delivered my second baby… My GYN right now is just my primary care physician (female). She’s really nice, but I feel awkward. I guess I’m in the minority!

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