Preparing for the next Two Week Wait

May 7, 2008

This past cycle I feel as though I have been through the highest of highs such as when I thought I saw implantation bleeding and the lowest of lows which, well… when I learned it wasn’t implantation bleeding. But many good things have happened.

1. I feel closer to God. When I began praying and found myself weeping I realized that I hadn’t strayed as far from my belief in him as I thought. I prayed for a period and the next day after 43 days- it came. Yes, I can argue that its a coincidence or I willed it to happen. But I’m not going to do this. I’m not going to question why some prayers from more worthy souls remain unanswered and this prayer for a period was. It just happened. I won’t question it. I will just accept it.

2. I am getting a new doctor. I have been conflicted about this but thanks to advice on this blog and my own gut instinct I need a doctor who will be more aggressive for me and will give me advice when she dismissively tells me I might not be ovulating but gives me no advice on what to do about that. I can try for a year but if I’m not ovulating, my TWW will simply continue in agony. But my insurance won’t let me switch a doctor within the same month so until June I will be patient and…

3. Going to do what I can in the meantime by doing the BD the old fashioned way but every other day for the rest of the month… I have no earthly idea what I ovulate so why not…. besides… I dont think the DH will mind ALL that much!


One comment

  1. LOL – Somehow I doubt DH will have any complaints about TTC now.

    I hope you find a good doctor. You should go on TTC message boards for your city and ask around to see which doctors people like (and which to avoid!)

    I’m happy for you on #1 too. Sometimes those moments when you feel closer to God are few and far between. I also have trouble sometimes accepting that blessings and answered prayers are anything more than coincidence, but I like your attitude 🙂

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