May 2, 2008

I went to see the doctor today regarding my wayward yet to come home period. I told her the lengths of my cycles: 39. 33. 39. and now 40+. She says “The days that you have 39+ cycles, you might not be ovulating”


Lady, you looked at my cycles. You told me I was normal. You told me I had a 35 day cycle. Now I count with the math skills kindergarten taught me and you deduce I’m irregular and may not be ovulating properly?

They took some blood work to check for pregnancy and some other potential issues that could be causing me issues. But I’m concerned. They said they won’t do any work up until a year has passed.

Let’s be straight. I think I have a problem. 39+ cycles are not normal. There is a strong chance I do not ovulate on some months. I dont WANT to wait A YEAR to even begin doing the check ups. I’m not a 28 day on the button girl who should wait the traditional year. If I know something is likely wrong…. then WHY are they going to make me go through the agony of waiting each month for the no that will likely come?

Because the facts remain: If you don’t ovulate. you don’t have babies. I know this.



  1. {{hugs}} I don’t understand the 1 year of waiting? What do they want you to wait a year for? Do they want you to keep track of your cycle so they have more information?

    I would think about seeing another doctor. Is there a test you can have done to check for fertility issues?

  2. They say it takes most couples a year to get pregnant so they dont want to force workups that can be very invasive when you did not need it. I dont know. There are tests that can be done but there is so much it could be you know…. closed tubes, endometeriosis, low progesterones, etc etc… its time consuming, labor intensive and very expensive. I guess thats why they say wait.

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