Day 37

April 30, 2008

Day 35 and 36 I felt period like cramping as though a period was actually there. I had to lay down to deal with the pain, but nothing. Today is day 37 and for a moment I felt the “You are getting your period” moment which makes you flee to the bathroom with a pad in hand, but nothing. I was a bit troubled this morning as I made eggs and suddenly felt a severe sharp shooting pain in my abdomen. It felt as though someone had stuck a sharp needle there and twisted it for a few minutes. OUCH. My boobs are…. eh… I feel like I have forgotten how they are supposed to look, they’ve been sightly big for some time now. 39 days seems to be my longest cycle. I will wait until I hit day 39. Then I will call the doctor. This isn’t a TWW anymore. This is well beyond Three weeks now.

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