Tivo and my Uterus, and the fact that they’re in cahoots.

April 29, 2008

At first I thought it was a coincidence. “How nice” I had thought when clicking the “Tivo Suggested” Friends episode it recorded. Until I watched it and it was the one where Monica and Chandler find out they are infertile. Um OK. I also did not find it amusing when it recorded a Sixty Minutes type show on the “Epidemic of Infertility”

Does Tivo know something I don’t? Is it trying to brace me for the shock? Or is Tivo just mean?

Just as I was contemplating tossing my Tivo to the curb [I kid- the thing is pricey, I would likely have just dealt with its abuse] I saw it had recorded a Dharma and Greg episode. Didn’t even know that was still on! So I click and watch it and though utterly irrelevant to my situation, she said one thing which struck me.

“Come on Greg. Having a baby or making cheese takes time and patience, but by being patient and understanding how hard it can be, it just makes it that much more beautiful once you enjoy the fruits ofy our labor”

Tivo, if this was a white flag of hope you made my way. I tentatively accept.

One comment

  1. Wow – Tivo is freaky. I’m kind of scared to ever get one. Is it spying on you? LOL.

    That’s a cool quote though 🙂

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