To test or not to test- That is the question

April 23, 2008

The most exciting day in my life will be the day I pee on a stick and it will smile and tell me: Yes! You are Pregnant! YES! YES! YES! Though Just one extra line will also do just fine.

Pregnancy tests these days can detect the HCG pregnancy hormone very early on in the game, as low as 20-25hcg. Its recommended that one take the test with their first morning urine (FMU) because it contains the most concentration but once you have officially missed a period, the tests state it is okay to take the test at any time of the day. If you test once and its (-) and you dont get a period, test again in a week and check again. If you never get a period see your doctor.

If you haven’t taken a pregnancy test, you must know now to brace yourself the shock: Preggers tests are damn expensive! In some ways this is good because it once prevented me from testing too much as the cost was quite prohibitive to daily testing. I must just not have been as crazy then, I suppose! Would you like to know how many pregnancy tests I have all together used/or have in stock during this cycle: 13. Yes, 13 pregnancy tests. Before you commit me under the Baker Act (Sorry attorney humor, we are just not that funny, I guess I’ve now validated this theory)… I have only used 5 of them. Two were First Response regular ones, Three were EPT Certainity with a digital reader (which I really really hate because it just says really big NOT PREGNANT!!!! and even if you’re not, well it just seems hurtful..) Three are Walgreens brand early response and Five that are still coming in the mail are AimSticks.

Aim Sticks are infinitely cheaper than the other ones and come in a pack of five and from what I’ve ready are incredibly reliable. Just perfect for obsessive pee-ers such as myself.

The question is, while I could theoretically pee on a stick tomorrow, and the day after without running out of my current supply, just because I can, should I? Didn’t Malcolm in Jurrassic Park say “Scientists were so keen on making dinos they didn’t stop to think if they SHOULD?” I’m in a similar dilemma here.

Should I practice self restraint and not do this? Or should I have it? That is the question.

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