Note to Cashiers

April 23, 2008

When people said they felt embarassed checking out with a bag of maxipads or condoms at the grocery store I thought this was silly. The cashiers have seen it all (after all, their store sells it!) and they would never be so bold as to mention the item?

Why is it that pregnancy tests seem to elicit all sorts of responses? Here are a handful of comments check out folks have given me when paying for a preggers test.

“Haha Naughty Naughty! We know how THAT happens!”



But what if I didnt want to get pregnant? What if I’m checking to see if my deadbeat husband who beat me finally left me and now I am afraid we will be connected for life? What if this was the result of a drunken night and four men and I’m not sure who the baby is? Or what if like me, I’m not getting a positive result like I so desperately want? It can be very very inappropriate.

Sometimes I would buy a few extra things in the hopes that it would get scanned and bagged nearly unnoticed, but I should not have to do thoat!

Cashiers, its sweet for you to be so happy for me, but please please please, just scan and bag that particular item. Anything less like the green peppers, or the guacamole? Lets gab!

One comment

  1. I approve this message.


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